Songs Under Fire

by Anthony & Irene Chapman

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As residents of Southern Israel, Anthony and Irene Chapman have lived under ongoing rocket attacks. Their struggle to maintain faith, hope and love in the face of terror birthed these songs, each written during specific periods of violence.

"Hate" (2012, Operation Pillar of Cloud), defies hatred and violence, and hails love as the true victor.

"Sing to You" (2014, Operation Protective Edge) grapples with the complex emotions of those who send their loved ones to war.

"Prayer Under Fire" (2009, Operation Cast Lead) is a desperate plea for divine protection in the midst of peril, inspired by Psalm 91.

In a world full of conflict, difficulty, fear and loss, Anthony and Irene offer a glimpse into the complicated process of living through challenging experiences, yet not being overcome by them.


released June 12, 2015

Executive Producer: Anthony Chapman
Music Producers: Anthony Chapman, Ayal Kalev, and Miki Avioz
Front Cover Photo: Amir Meiri
Back Cover Photo: (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Layout: Ricky Chapman

Special thanks to Miki Avioz, Benny Devora, Uzi Katz at Y.R.S. Studios, Erez Caspi at Bardo Studios, Ohad Aminia at Sonar Studios, Hudi & Sonya, Ricky Chapman, Yulia at Linktone, Shamir Yona and Amir Rozenblit at Ben Gurion University, Orna Greenman, Mike & Jess Day, Udi, Tom & Zach, Howard & Randi, Rich & Paula, Angel, Matt & Christiane, Judy, Kety, Carl, JP, Jenia, Victor, Evan, Tal, Eduardo & Lorena, Avner & Rachel, and to all our friends and supporters who make our music possible.

Extra special thanks to Ayal Kalev whose dedication made this recording a reality.

Songs Under Fire © 2015 Anthony & Irene Chapman, all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Anthony & Irene Chapman Be'Er Sheva, Israel

Originally from New England, but now hailing from Southern Israel, Anthony & Irene Chapman tell real-life stories through heartfelt songwriting that reflects their multifaceted background. Their compelling and unique blend of world music defies borders and connects with diverse audiences worldwide. ... more

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Track Name: Sina (Hate)
We heard the sirens today
They’re trying to scare us again
They shoot at us
Rocket after rocket after rocket
And try their best to frighten us

We saw the news today
They succeeded again in hurting us
They celebrate when we are injured
It's clear that they truly hate us

But I want something different and much better than this

Hate poisons
And ruins love
I still hold on to hope
And you won't take me with you

We felt the explosions today
How long will this threat be on us?
They don’t respect the value of life
Not ours or even their own

But I want something different and much better than this

Hate poisons
And ruins love
I still hold on to hope
And you won't take me with you

Hate poisons
And rapes the soul
I still hold on to hope
And you won't take me with you

Love will conquer over hate and murder
Track Name: Ashir Lecha (Sing to You)
are fighting in a war
that you didn't cause
you didn't want
you didn't desire at all

It's hard
to find words to describe
what you've seen
and what you've been through
its so heavy

Who am I to say a thing?
I love you my dear brother
If it'll help then I will sing to you
so that you'll know that I stand with you
from the depths of me I thank you
for protecting me

If it'll help then I'll remind you
that God is always with you
and I am there also, in your heart
and you are here in mine

The path
is long and winding
so don't forget
you're not alone
I'm waiting at the door

warmth and love
are expecting you
we support you
we're praying for you
Track Name: Tfila Tachat Esh (Prayer Under Fire)
Sitting and listening to sirens and explosions
Hoping that no one will be hurt
All those close to us are calling
Checking to make sure that we’re unharmed

God, draw near, we need protection
If not from You, from whom will it come?
God, what now? Things here are all wrong
And we don’t know what the future holds

I sit in the secret place of the Most High
I will say to the LORD: You are my Refuge and my Fortress
I will not dread terror by night
I will not fear the arrow that flies by day

Answer our prayers
Protect our children
Bring us into Peace